Melody Swartz discusses her science with some of the audience at a PME event.

Working With Us

External Partnerships

In addition to publications that advance the field, our researchers are dedicated to maximizing the impact of their work in the real world. Our researchers value entrepreneurship and industrial partnerships as avenues to accomplish that impact. In addition, as an offshoot of the UChicago PME, the CIIC participates in its corporate affiliate program, which connects our partners to STEM trainees versed in product design and entrepreneurship, and in-depth previews of our latest scientific discoveries and transformative technological developments.

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ClostraBio team - Cathryn Nagler, Jeff Hubbell, and John Colson, pitching at a Polsky Center event


In collaboration with the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, which also serves as the tech transfer office of UChicago, we patent our work, assess their market potential, and develop business plans and pitches for private and public funding sources. Mature startup concepts are entered into the competitive George Shultz Innovation Fund, which connects teams with potential investors.

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Southeasterly view of the illuminated Eckhardt Research Center in the evening

Industry Relations

Our industrial partnerships have included research or educational sponsorship, collaborative projects, and investments in new and joint ventures. These relationships are established by directly contacting the researchers and the Industry Relations Team. The latter will facilitate the development of a partnering model between us. Through the Polsky Exchange, our partners also have the option of committed space and resources for co-location, enabling proximity and access to us, our laboratories, our talent, and our innovative ecosystem.

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