NIH stock image showing a pseudocolored micrograph of HIV infecting a T cell

Core Facilities

Single Cell Immunophenotyping

Specialized instrumentation for phenotyping immune cells include flow cytometry and single cell sequencing technologies. Machines are housed across the laboratories of four different CIIC investigators (ERC-318, KCBD-10220E), and are available for use by the larger UChicago community.

Other related core facilities with similar, non-overlapping capabilities are also available via the Quick Links.

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Peyman Hosseinchigharehaghaj running flow cytometry

Flow Cytometry

CIIC has partnered with the UChicago Cytometry & Antibody Technology Core Facility, which provides training, technical support, and maintenance for CIIC flow cytometers. Housed within the shared lab space of Profs. Hubbell, Swartz, & Huang, we maintain two five-laser (355/405/488/561/640nm) flow cytometers for your immunophenotyping needs.

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CIIC Illumina sequencers as they appear in the KCBD lab space

Genomics & Transcriptomics

We provide specialized instrumentation for analysis of genomics, gene expression, and library prep quality-control especially at single-cell resolutions. These include two Agilent TapeStations (library prep QC), an Illumina MiSeq next-gen sequencer, and a 10X Genomics Chromium Single Cell Controller. Users provide their own consumables and reagents, but are free to reserve and use the machines upon approval by Prof. Chevrier.

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We encourage you to acknowledge CIIC support and team members who contribute to your manuscripts and grant proposals! This will help us continue to receive funding support and to continually improve our offerings to you moving forward.

As of Oct 2020, the CIIC receives internal funding support through the University of Chicago. CIIC flow cytometers are operated with support from the Cytometry and Antibody Core Facility and should therefore additionally acknowledge the Cancer Center Support Grant (NIH # P30-CA014599).

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