Immunofluorescence image of inflamed mouse skin (by Shann Yu)

Core Facilities

In Vivo Models

The CIIC provides support for a staff of full-time technicians and a pool of common models used in immunological research. Users who wish to request dendritic cells, T cells, in vivo models, and technician time with their studies should submit a request. Priority is given to CIIC investigator labs.

To use mice from our colonies, please submit a request

To request time with CIIC technicans, please book here.

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Immunofluorescence images of murine bone marrow-derived macrophages (by Shann Yu)

Primary Cells

CIIC researchers regularly have surpluses of primary immune cells that they can share for your pilot studies. We can also provide training on carrying out the methods for high-volume users.

We regularly have dendritic cells, T cells (OT-I, OT-II, OT-III, Pmel, Trp2), and constitutively OVA-expressing models (Actb-mOVA). Additionally, we provide endotoxin testing of materials for downstream immunological assays via a HEKBlue hTLR4 assay. Contact our staff for details.

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Swartz lab image (taken by Witold Kilarski) showing lymphatic vessel network in mouse ears

In Vivo Techniques

Our staff are trained in the execution and handling of most procedures, including various routes of injections, autoimmune disease models and scoring, and endpoint perfusion and harvest. Our technicians will work out experimental schedules and workload with postdocs & graduate students in order to help relieve your stress on the most technically demanding procedures!

Contact our staff for details.

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